Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Woo Hoo!

Hello everybody!

I can't help but be excited for a couple of events that are coming up.  Yes, I get to do something exciting!  LOL.   Actually I do a lot that is exciting to me but might not be for my readers.  :)

Ok.  Where to start.  Let's see.  I was on vacation and was sick the whole time.  Actually I still have the cold but it is a lot better.  This morning I woke up and could barely move my leg.  Somehow, in my sleep, I must have hit it somehow so today I have a wrap on it.  No, that's not the exciting news.  I'm getting to it.

What is exciting is I just realized that on Saturday I am going to a quilting class in Rockford.  It will be held at Quilter's General and it will be on how to make a Tahoe tote bag.

It has six inside pockets and 21" long straps .  I'm not going to put a snap closure on it or anything since I like my totes open.  The finished size SHOULD be 4" deep x 12 1/2" tall x 15 1/2" wide at the top.  I'm still deciding what fabrics I'm going to use.  I keep changing my mind.  We will be using fusible interfacing so we'll see how it goes.  I might make a couple of them if it turns out ok.

That's not my only good news.  In April I'll be taking another day off work and guess where I'm going?   I'm going to the International Quilt Festival in Chicago.  I will be going on a bus from the Quilter's General and it will be a one day event.  Of course I will take pictures.  I might not have money to buy anything but I CAN take pictures.  It wasn't too bad for a cost.  $39 which will cover my transportation, ticket to the show and a few snacks.

Here is the link to Quilter's General in case you are ever in the area and want to check them out (they are across from a mall!).


What else have I been up to?  I've been collecting BOM patterns.  Notice I say collecting since I haven't had a chance to work on a lot.  I will post up some pictures of a couple more blocks from the Splendid Sampler soon.  Two blocks come out each week but I can't keep up at that rate.  I only have a couple done.

Remember me working on some bucket list projects each month?  This month (gah - can it really already be half gone?!) the bucket list drawing was for redwork.  That deserves another WOO HOO!   I love Redwork.  I tried a new redwork project but hated it so I threw it out.  Yes, you heard me right.  It's ok though.  It was done on some scrap fabric so cost was minimal.  Then I remembered a Bird Brain Design that I had bought but never finished.

I have finished two of the three redwork pieces but then couldn't find my background material any more for the third panel.  I finally gave up and emailed Bird Brain Designs and they were kind enough to send me more background material.  Now I can pick it back up.  Here are the two pieces that I have done.  I need to do the snowman now.

That's about it.  I'll let you know when I get something else done or work more on some cross stitch.

Have a great day!

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Marsha Clark said...

Congrats Sis on all the fun to come ! There are usually some good deals on fat quarters etc. at the big shows. So hopefully you will find a bargain.
Love all your stitching !!!