Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tahoe Tote Quilt Class Report

Yesterday was National Quilt Day but it was also my Tahoe Tote Quilt Class.  It went from 10-3 but actually the instructor was so good and everybody was helping each other so much we ended around 2.  That was good because it gave us time to look through Quilter's General Store.  They were giving everybody a 15% discount for National Quilt Day but since we had a class on that day we got 20% off whatever we bought.  Gotta love that.  I was busy doing my tote so I don't have a lot of pictures.

Here are some of the bags that the instructor and friends made to show the pattern

 Here is our wonderful instrutor.  She was so helpful.  She went around the class and helped pressed our seams or helped pin or cut out out what we needed.  It kept us all on track.

Some people didn't show up for class which was kind of nice because that meant more room for others.  Most of the tables had two people at them so we had plenty of room.

We cut out the material at home so we didn't have to cut much out (more trimming) in class so we could concentrate on sewing.  My friend Connie took the class also so here she is holding up my first part that I had sewn together.

Of course I made her hold her pattern up also.  Her fabrics are actually tan and light brown so it didn't come out very well.  Notice how she is covering up her face?  She hates pictures being taken of her.

She knew that I'd get a picture of her face sooner or later so this is her reaction to it.

I don't think she noticed I got her in this picture.  hehehe

What we did have to cut out was our Stabilizer.  The pattern called for three different fusible stabilizers.  It was recommended that we use Soft and Stable.  Some of the ladies used two layers of this but Connie and I decided to use only one layer of it.  Two layers would have been VERY hard to sew through and my machine wouldn't like it.

What was different to cut out the corners (so it boxes it) before you sewed the area.  In other patterns you sewed then cut it out.  Not sure which I like better.

Doesn't it look funky?!

It wasn't long before I had the stabilizer sewn to my fabric..  Yeah we were a little messy on the table but we were busy creating so that's ok right?  hehe.

As you can see, the fabric was doing some gymnastics while we tried to sew things togther.

While I was sewing my handles and pockets, my instructor pinned my lining in for me.  She was always looking for ways to help us out.

By 2 I had finished my tote.

The inside has six small pockets.  I have blue fish on the inside of my tote because never knew what to do with that fabric!  LOL.

Remember me saying we got 20% on whatever we bought?   Well this is what I bought (besides another blue water solable pen).  It was marked down 50% so it was only $5 per yard.  I'm not sure what I'll use it for so I only got 1 yard.  Wasn't that good of me?  I showed so much restraint!

But then here is what else I bought!  I don't know what I'll use this for but I couldn't resist it for $6.  There are two identical panels so I could use it for a lot of things.  Somebody said a pillow.  I might use it as a center for a wall hanging or even perhaps part of the back so if I wanted to turn the quilt/wall hanging around I could.  :)  It too is going into my stash until I figure it out.

I hope you enjoyed the pix.  I'll have a lot more to share after the International Quilt Show on April 8th.  :)

Have a wonderful day and....



Kat Scribner said...

THat is such a pretty print. I would have bought enough for a backing and enough to make into alternate blocks. Good thing I don't go shopping much.....very impulsive.

The bags are awesome, BOnni. Whenever I make bags with lining, the lining never fit right inside unless I quilt it goether with the outside. If it's a loose lining, it's a baggy lining for me.

esther said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Great job. Loved your fabric.

Marsha Clark said...

Pretties !
I have seen that panel used in a civil war quilt. Very Cool........

Connie said...

I wouldn't care about you taking a pic if I didn't look so bad. It's not like I make any effort to look good to take a quilting class! Next time I will dress to the nines and you can take all the pics you want! lol - it was a good & fun class!