Thursday, March 31, 2016

Countdown - Day 9

Let's hear it for my student helper.  He helped me download Instagram and figured out how to use it so I can post directly to the internet while at the quilt show.  I will take most of my pictures with my regular camera but one or two with the cell phone.  They already have an Instagram account set up for the Quilt Festivals so it can be loaded up directly there.  If you're on Instagram and want to see what they had in Houston, go to #QuiltFestival.

So today's eye candy is from the 2013 International Quilt show.

I have been a good girl (well as good as I can get) and started my Bucket List Challenge for March which was redwork.  I know...I know.  Bonni, what are you doing STARTING the bucket list challenge with only a couple of days left in the month?  No wait....only ONE day left.  It just happened.  I had to wait for Bird Brain Designs to send me fabric since I lost what I needed to do the third panel in my redwork.  By the way, Bird Brain Designs...LOVE THEM!!!!!  They sent me more than enough to finish my project and sent it promptly and at no extra cost even though I volunteered to pay for it.  Here is the picture of the third section.  I will finish this up in a day or two (maybe over the weekend) and then start to put it together after my sewing area gets cleaned up.  It will be good to mark off another UFO.

That's about it today.  Break time is over and I have to get back to work.  We are to have rain on and off all day today.  While it's not April, it's pretty close though, the showers did bring May flowers.  This was taken as I walked across the parking lot on the way in to work today.

I hope everybody has a good day.


Kat Scribner said...

LOL, BOnni. Have a great time at the Quilt Show. I was there about 10 years ago. It is huge and tiring. As far as the bucket skill, I haven't stopped now ever since it was drawn last time over a year ago

Bonni said...

You are such a roll model Kat. :) I was there in 2013 and STILL remember how tiring it was. Going on the bus will let me rest up a bit before I make the 40 minute drive back home. I already have the Ibuprofen packed. :)