Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Eater everybody!

Didn't work too much on crafting today since it was Easter.  I did get some cross stitch done and then I noticed that I might be using the wrong color so will try to figure it out tomorrow.  In the meantime, I cam home to my comcast cable (for tv) not working again.  Guess I will be calling them again.

Don't think that I am complaining.  I had a delightful day of relaxing and theng oing to my sister in laws for Easter dinner.

Here are some pix from her dinner.  I always love her tablescapes.

Off to one side she also had a little topairy.

Here is my lovely hostess.  My sister in law Mrs. Bobbie Bromeland.  :)

My oldest Nephew was hiding  but I caught him.

You can see the ham being cut up in the background.  It was VERY yumy.  Bobbie is holding cornbread croutens for our salad that had just come out of the oven (to crisp them up).

There is usually too many people to all hold at one table so four people were eating in the living room.  Don't feel sad for them...they got to go get their food first!

That's about it.  I hope everybody  had a great day.

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