Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Countdown - Day 10...

10 days from now I will be getting on a bus and headed to the International Quilt Show in Rosemont, IL.  :)   So, to keep me psyched up for it (like that would be hard), I am going to post/repost (since I posted them in 2013) at least one picture each day from when I last attended in 2013.

Today's picture is of a Yurt.

Wouldn't you love to spend some time in there with all that inspiration?

I also found a website that had posted the floor plans and who would be at the show.  I quickly printed it up, highlighted a couple of places I wanted to check out and highlighted them on my floor plan.

Ummm.  Ok. perhaps I highlighted more than a couple of places.  In true fashion, they are spread out over the whole area so I am guaranteed to be exhausted on the way back home.  Good thing I'm not driving.  I will be on a bus.  Of course once the bus brings me back to the quilt shop in Rockford, I'll still have to drive home but I will have rested up by then.

I'm making a list and checking it twice or would that be thrice.  Have to have extra batteries for the camera and phone and bluetooth chargers.  Maybe a snack and my knee wrap.  So much to do and always so little time to do it.

One last picture from 2013 for today.  More tomorrow as I count down to my fun one day vacation.

Yes, that's a quilt!

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