Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A start or a restart?

If one picks up a quilting pattern, or any pattern for that matter, and starts to work on it again after a bit, is it a start or a restart.  Time will tell I guess but the main thing is that I'm doing my quilt blocks again.  I'm a little behind (yeah, when am I ever on time) with the blocks but last night I  picked out my colors for one of the blocks and have it laid out so that I can sew it together tonight.  That is a good thing since today another block comes out.

I hope to get it sewn tonight and at least get the colors picked out for the next block.  Maybe also for the block that is coming out today.  Today's block will be the 20th block (hugs and kisses) out of 25.  We're getting to the end soon.  This block is number 18.  Number 19 has friendship stars in it and I like doing those so it will be good.  Hopefully by next Wednesday, when block number 21 comes out, I will be caught up.

With so many projects to work on, what do I do?  Give in and buy a couple more HAED cross stitch patterns.  Not my fault.  They were on sale.  Here are my two new ones.

The black cat one might be done for a Christmas present....some year.  I'm not the quickest stitcher but I do them in a manner which makes me like working on them.  If you can't enjoy the journey, then why are we doing it?

It's time that I get to work but wanted to share this post with you.  I hope you have a great day/evening.  Happy Stitching!


Sue Cottle said...

My definition: Restart - if you pick it up and within a few moments can say what needs doing, in what order, and how.
New start - you pick it up and go OMG?! What the heck do I do here?????
The passing of time may or may not be involved, as there are multiple times when only days or weeks have passed.


Bonni said...

LOL. Love your definition of new start. I have said that so many times!!!