Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday's progress

I managed to get more _____ cut out for the test pattern and it's starting to take shape.  You didn't really think that I'd show you sneak peak of the test pattern did you?  LOL.   It will be pretty and I'm already thinking of doing a second one.

In the meantime I'm watching my lettuce grow.  Today you can see two of the lettuce types more.  One of them, the Deer Tongue Lettuce, hasn't started to pop through yet but it still has time before I give it a good talking to.

Today's picture of the black seeded is....

How about that!  Isn't it being energetic and growing so nicely?

The Parris Island is keeping it company and looks like this today.

Maybe the Deer Tongue is just waiting for the others to get high enough it can hide out of sight.  Hmmm. ..

I've not forgotten crafting though.  Besides working on the patterns for the Solstice block (which I'm behind on), I have the new test pattern and I also have  the Mini Owl in Cross Stitch.

That about 400-450 stitches one on it AFTER I had to take it back out.  It's coming along though and that is what is important.

Sue...thanks for the update on your Mini Owl.  How do you like that new method of doing it.

Now time for some more caffeine otherwise I might look like...

I hope everybody has a great day/night.

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