Monday, May 15, 2017

It's a Monday but it's been a good Monday

Today has been a Monday but it's been a good Monday.  Very little problems at work AND.....I can see some of my lettuce in my AeroGarden sprouting.  Yes!!!!  That's the same lettuce pods that I just started on Friday.

What a surprise to come in and see that!  I did find a picture where they estimate the growth.  Here's the picture.

We'll have to see if it really does continue to grow.  I will have lettuce before tomatoes since tomatoes take 7-14 days for the sprouts to appear.

I did manage to get some quilting started but I, unfortunately, can't show it to you until around January since it is a test pattern that I'm doing.  It's going to be cute though!!!!

I will try to work on some cross stitch tonight.  It's boxed up and put away but I know where it is at.  :)

What has everybody else been working on?

Sue Cottle -- How is your Mini Owl coming along.

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Sue Cottle said...

3 rows, 750 stitches - doing extreme cross country.