Thursday, February 22, 2018

Blue Bear Finished

That's right.  I FINALLY finished working on my blue bear.  I am on break right now so this will be a short post. 

He does make me smile when I look at him.  :)

I hope to work on a new project this weekend.  I want to test out how well the pre gridded fusible interfacing.  I think that was what it was called.  I bought some but haven't used it yet.  There are two projects which caught my eye on it might be good to use it for.  One is a heart and the other is a cross.  I will try the heart one if I can find enough reds and pinks to make the heart look nice.  Of course I will be working on my other projects too.  Soooooo many projects and not enough time.  Drat work!  Have to work to afford the projects but want the projects to work on and not work.

Sigh....Soon (relatively soon that is).


Everybody have a great day.  I have to get back to work now.

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