Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Story behind a Smile...

Hi everybody.

I told myself that I would not do quilting stuff today since I have to get ready to spend the day getting ready for one of my other hobbies...gaming.  So, since I told myself that I would not be doing quilting, I'm obviously thinking about quilting.  I need to stop thinking about quilting, which means I have as much chance of that happening as stopping breathing....please Lord, don't take that as a challenge.  To keep it to a minimum, I decided to chocolate.

Now be patient with me.  There is a quilting thing related to the chocolate.  I was at Dollar Tree last night and picked up one of those hearts which have about 5 pieces of chocolate in it.  Why did I buy it?  Was it because I like chocolate?  Not especially but I did eat all the chocolate.  I bought it for the picture on the cover of the box.  I saw it and decided I needed to keep it to applique on something sometime.  See?  It was quilting related!    Here's the cute picture.   It is around 3 1/2" which might make a nice mug rug if I only do one circle.

Don't you just smile when you see that?

I also thought I would include in this post a couple more progress pictures. This first one is for the FatCatPattern Gnome For The Holidays BOM.  It's the layout and I still need to pick out a couple more material for the bodies of the Gnomes.  I'm not entirely happy with it yet but the month just started and I'm not on a timeline to get it done so there is time to figure it out a bit more.

The other block in the planning stage is the 2018 Tea Party February block.  The January one was a cake.  The February one is a cup.  I might do it with two cups.  I saw a picture of that and it was cute.  Perhaps have the second one with the handle on the other side.  I might even already know the fabric I want to use for a second cup.

That's all the stalling I can do right now.  Time to get ready and prepare for an evening of gaming with my friends.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


Kat Scribner said...

I love anything chocolate. Too bad i couldnt help you eat that. It is an adorable motif for anything you want to put on. I understand where you get inspiration ...... from everything! Love the fabric for the tea cup.

esther said...

Lovely work Bonni. And anything chocolate is good.

Bonni said...

Thanks Kat and Ms. Esther! All this help with the chocolate. :) I'll try to keep it in mind for the next time I do that. Actually, I was moving around fabric last night and out of the corner of my eye I saw some fabric which I think might be good for the smiley face. We'll see.

Marsha Clark said...

LOL You made me laugh. Thanks Sis !
Can I use your excuse to eat chocolate ? lol Have fun with the mug rug. :)
I may not use the stars on top of the trees for my gnome block. Not sure I dig them. Maybe they are too big for me. idk
Lovely cup !
I hope you had fun gaming !!!