Saturday, April 21, 2018

I'm tired!

I'm tired but had a pretty productive day.  I managed to get some food cooked up and portioned up for meals later on as well as did some more stitching!  Tomorrow is another scheduled stitching day.

These are my blocks for the Victoriana Quilt Designs Stained Glass Strip quilt.   I am only going to make this a 4 x 4  because I want to hang it up in the office in a particular spot and that is what I will need.

This isn't the final layout though.  This is just pinned up on the board to get an idea.  I will be cutting down the block some and evening them out etc.  That might make them look different too but we'll see. 

THEN there are the black strips to add to it.  This will give you an idea of what it will look like.  This is a quilt as you go so now I wait until the last of the instructions will be given.  There isn't a timeline for that so it might take a bit before it is finished.  These will be put in one of my boxes and marked for when the next instructions come down the pipline. 

Tomorrow I will be working on another braid table runner.  This time I will use a different jelly roll and a different pattern.  The one I first did was a French Braid runner.  This one might be a just a braid but not sure I'll make a runner or follow the pattern for a wall hanging.  If I do the wall hanging I'm thinking of putting sashings vertically down each "braid" to help separate it more.  Of course I will show you my progress and which I like better.

I am glad that I did some cooking today too.  Tomorrow I can relax a bit more and not worry about food.  I think I might put some chicken in the crockpot tonight before bed and make some soup or something tomorrow.  Today I roasted some carrots in the toaster oven.

After they came out, I put them in snack bags.  I'm not fond of raw carrots for a snack but roast them or cook them and I ALMOST can't get enough of them.

After bagging them up, they are joining the other food that I portioned out.

In my portion pack bags, I have multicolored bell peppers and onions, ground turkey mixed with some of the bell peppers and onions, hot dogs, and smoked sausage.  I use the ground turkey mixture with eggs for breakfasts for work.  I add salsa and cheese as toppings.

I put 2 hot dogs in a pouch which will either be for lunch or perhaps cut up and put in another dish.  The smoked sausage I only put in one per pouch.  Those I will either have as is or perhaps add to my bean soup etc. 

That's all I have to report today.  I hope everybody will have a great day/night.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll take a picture of my cross stitch on Staircase to Heaven.  I'm about half way done with one page and even though it is primarily dark colors yet, I can make out where some of the books are.

Until next time...

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Marsha Clark said...

Your strip blocks are so pretty !
Food looks delish.......... <3