Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Picture of French Braid Table Runner

I did it!  I can, sort of, cross off the French Braid table runner from my list of "to do".  I have only finished the top but that is the biggest struggle.  Believe it or not, I actually think I know how I will quilt it!  Gasp!  Did I just type that?!!!!!

Ready?   Here it is.

This is a short post since I have been up since around 230 a.m.  That is because of Lumpy.  Lumpy is a raccoon (we think) that got into the attic that is right above my apartment.  That means when Lumpy (because I'd like to give it some lumps) is running around, scratching at the walls, etc. it is by my ear and I can't help but hear it go thump. 

Lumpy has woken up early tonight.  Hopefully Lumpy will go into the trap and I can call animal control tomorrow morning and get Lumpy out of my place.  THEN it is time to call Ira (who I pay rent to) and update him and tell him some improvements that animal control told me he should do.

I guess this is a terrible year for raccoons and squirrels.  Terrible in the fact that they are FAR overcrowding everything else out in the area.  Animal control is being kept busy with their infestations because this winter did not take kill any off like it normally does.

I'm chicken and paranoid when it comes to things in the walls where I live.  Hopefully it won't take long to capture Lumpy.  I do not want Lumpy getting into my apartment and getting into my fabric!

Wish me luck!


Kathy G said...

Here's to Lumpy finding a new home very soon!

Bonni said...

I believe that Lumpy might be caught now. I should find out this afternoon.