Sunday, April 22, 2018

Which layout do I want?

Decisions decisions.  How many times have you read those words from me?  Well today is another time.  Today's experiment is the Batik Braid Quilt by  I liked how her tutorial explained things and this was a regular braid not a French braid.  It was pretty but a little too scrappy for me.  I have problems with that yet.  So I thought what would happen if I laid it out like it showed but before sewing the individual braids together I'd put a vertical sashing in to break it up a bit more.  Of course the big question was what fabric to use.  I found a Moda jelly roll so I pulled that out.  It's pretty (thank you Marsha for trading it with me).  Once that was figured out, the next was to determine which 2 1/2" strips I would use.  I wasn't going to make a large wall hanging or braid so I didn't need all of the strips.  I finally settled on these.

Now I'm a lazy quilter.  I am addicted to sitting in my chair in front of the computer with the tv, across the room, on and me stitching applique by hand or something else.  Today the something else was cutting up the strips.  To accomplish this I taped my small cutting mat onto my wooden tv tray and put it in front of me.  It just fits nicely between me and the computer table and if it gets in the way I can slide the tv tray underneath the folding table that the computer is on.

To help speed up the cutting, I put pieces of tape on the cutting board to mark where I was cutting the fabric.  I put it up high enough so that I could cut either right underneath it, or scoot over one square so that I'm not cutting in the exact same place every time.

 It worked out pretty good.  After trimming off the selvage ends, this is the only part that was left from each strip.

Afterwards I had six identical stacks (2 1/2" x 7". 

It was time to lay things out and this is where I need help.  Which of these combinations do you like the best?  A?  B?  C?

Of course these will be trimmed after sewn. 

That's it for today but let me close by saying, PLEASE let me know which option you like best, and hear are some cute puppies to brighten your day.


Sarah Lynn Jackson said...

I like #3, because of the placement of the black pieces. :-) Pretty fabrics!

rcp said...

I Iike 3. What a cutie puppy!!!

Marsha Clark said...

I like B but try trading the mauve towards the bottom with the light green that it butts up against. See if you like that.
Love the puppy's ! :)

esther said...

Option C and cute puppies.