Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Happy Mail!

Mail was wonderful today.  No bills, only one term life insurance advertisement, and one package.  Yep, you read that right.  My friend Deb, the one who does live feed on Youtube on Sunday afternoons, sent me an envelope.  It was all squishy and I had to remain calm so that I could open it. 

Ok.  So that wasn't quite right.  I had to remain calm so that I didn't poke myself or whatever was in the envelope with the scissors.  I don't think that most of you realize how restrained I had to be!!!!!  I'm the kind of person who mails a present or envelope to somebody and then keeps asking the person if they got it yet.  Then when they FINALLY say yes, I have to get on the phone and wait for them to open it up so that I can hear what they think.

Now it was payback time.  My envelop was squishy so I thought it might be fabric.  THEN I couldn't open it up without scissors.  I actually almost broke out in a sweat when I couldn't open it.  Was this package going to taunt me and just stay prestine?  I say NO!  I will not have that flamingo on the return address label get the upper hand.  It would not win!  So off to my craft room to find scissors.  Obviously not my good quilting ones because I don't want them to get dull since they cost so much.  No, this was a job for CHEAPIES!  Yes that's right.  Those scissors that come in a pack that you can use for almost anything. 

They were the heroes today  They opened up the envelope just like they were suppose to.  I snipped off a corner  so that I could see where it would be safe to cut.  FINALLY I cut into it and was able to open it up.  Look what was inside!

Aren't they cute!  Those purples and that orange/pumpkin colored?  I'm not sure what color to call the one which has my name on it.  Blue?  Teal?  Either way it's mine!  See? It has my name on it.  I'll take it to show my friend when we meet for lunch on Thursday so I'm keeping the name tag on it so it knows where it goes after lunch.  Of course I'm joking.  Connie wouldn't keep my fabric.  :)

I didn't get much done tonight since I was just stroking some of the fabric telling it how much I liked it.  This is also where I tell Deb Thank you for the loverly fabric.  That's right.  Loverly.  That's a step up from lovely.

Everybody have a great night.  Perhaps tomorrow I will get back to crafting.  :)

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Deb Johnson, Quiltbeeme said...

I am so tickled to hear of your joy! You have shared so much joy with the rest of us for so long......it was a pleasure and I'll have to do it more often!! Hugs, Deb