Sunday, January 3, 2016

African Blues is DONE!

I'll take better pictures tomorrow once I get back to work and can hang up African Blues to get a GOOD picture but I just couldn't wait that long.  LOL.

Finished it at 9 a.m. January 3, 2016.

The Back of the quilt.

 I liked how the back turned out.  I will have to remember how I did it for the next time that I do the Zipper Quilt.

The colors are so much brighter in person.

A close up of the binding
I pulled out some of my strips that I had left over and used it for the binding.  I like how it looked against the dark blue.

Well that is it for now.  I need to get the house cleaned up a little bit because now it's time to do some cutting for the Stitch a Long.


esther said...

That turned out Awesome!! Love it and the colors!!

Bonni said...

Thanks Ms. Esther. I have to admit that I love how the binding colors look on it. For me to say that I love it is something since I don't normally love my work. LOL.

Marsha Clark said...

Pretty ! Love It Sis !