Wednesday, January 27, 2016

B is for BonBon

What?  That's not what the schools taught you?  I think they should have.  LOL.   I am making progress on my Fairy Alphabet letter B.  Here is what it looks like as of last night.

I am doing half cross stitches  at a time and then going back to finish them.  That way I don't have to look at my pattern as much for this part anyway.

I also found my pattern for the other sampler BOM that I was talking about in my last post.  It is The 1857 Sampler Quilt by Sentimental Stitches.

For me that is a very busy quilt.  A lot of it will be applique which is what I like to do but even if I don't do it all, it will let me pick and choose which blocks I want to use.  You can find out more about it at

To quote from the website:  "Almost all of 64 blocks are applique and I'll post 3 or 4 each month for the next 20 months beginning in January 2016. You can make the quilt in one of two ways - The digital block pattern sets will be free for one month (scroll down for free digital pattern link) and then retired to theOnline Store so you can purchase them if you miss any. You can also sign up to receive printed patterns and applique fabrics for the blocks. (scroll down to sign up)"

Check it out.  You might also like to check out the Westerning Women BOM.  That come out on the last Wednesday of the month and looks to be interesting.  Check out the Civil War Quilts:  Westerning Woman blog/website:

The Introduction is up and I love how they tell more details about the time period.

That's it for now.  Just wanted to fill in some gaps from my last post.  Everybody have a good night/day.

Keep on Stitching!!!!

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