Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cross stitch update

After finishing Lyndon's quilt, I decided to work on a couple of cross stitch projects.  One is something that I bought LONG AGO and this year put it on my list of 2016 things to start.  Thanks to my friend Connie, who I had given permission to bug me to start it and she did, I have started it.  It was more of a scared reason why I didn't start it.  It is complicated but that is one reason why I love Theresa Wentzler's designs.  That plus it is medieval.  Anyway, the main reason why I hadn't started it all those years ago was that it was a kit and it came with 28 count evenweave fabric.  28 COUNT EVENWEAVE?  I have to stitch over two threads?  Yikes!!!!!!!

Still I started it.  I didn't get very far but it is started.  I unstitched a number of stitches to correct some things but I consider it a good thing that i figured it out this early and not find it out when I'm 3/4 the way done.  Of course if I found a MAJOR error 3/4 of the way into it, I'd probably ignore it .  :)

I know, not much of a start but at least I started it!  :)

I also am doing a small alphabet fairy for my initial B.  It's coming along and fun to stitch because I don't know what it looks like in color.  I only have a black and white chart to go from.  It it being done on 18 count Aida.  I have never done 18 count before but am liking it so far.  I might have to do more on 18 count.

No quilting yet.  I need to find a nice purple that will stand up to a Stonehenge green. It will be for a toddler named Raven.  I plan on putting her name at the top and make pinwheel pattern.  Once I find the right fabric, I'll start and you'll see pictures.

That's it for now.  Everybody have a great evening/day.

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