Friday, May 6, 2016

Now wait a Cotton Pickin Minute!

That was the topic of conversation I had with a friend just the other day.  It came out of the blue but we had fun with giving alternative answers.  Of course a minute is 60 seconds but then we expanded out on that.  Nowadays it is 60 seconds.  Back in early history could it have been longer?  If you leisurely picked cotton and took your time, would it be longer than 60 seconds?  We all know about football time.  A minute in football time is certainly longer than 60 seconds.  So I was diverted, once again, from stitching.  I think I will use my excuse for not posting for a bit due to football time.  OR it could be Cubs time (Chicago Cubs baseball team) which is even longer than football time.  They keep saying "their time" will be next year.  We're still waiting for that time to come around.  Perhaps their time is like the adage, I'll do it tomorrow but then you don't ever do it because tomorrow, when it comes, is actually today and not tomorrow.

In between all that confusing thinking, I did manage to dig out my fabric and start to work on the Dinorawr wall hanging.

It was long before I had the Dino's from FatCatPatterns downloaded and fused on.

I have one of the blue ones done but at home so now will take another off the work bulletin board to work on.  The three blocks on the right are from the Adinkra BOM.  I am almost done with the 4th block so you should see it done by Monday.

So that is what I am stitching on.  Last couple of weeks I've been stitching on those and watching my neighbor burn wood very close to the fence.  *I* think it is too close but since nothing else caught on fire, I suppose it was ok.

Lunch time is over with (they must use short minutes) and now I must get back to work.

I'll try not to take so long in between posts.  I hope everybody has a great day.

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