Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This weekend I practiced on my sewing machine.  Managed to learn how to do buttonhole stitch on it and also a small satin stitch (or close enough to it).  The piece I was practicing on is small so I decided to be brave and actually do some FMQ!  Can't believe I did it.  I'm not good at it so it is a good thing this was done with black thread on black fabric.  LOL.

My ghost decided to dress up so no plain sheets for her.  :)

I also managed to get two elf envelopes off in the mail and will send one to Canada when I get paid again.  Elf Envelopes are my own campaign to send people something nice.  I am doing this in a quilting group that I am in.  They have posted information about themselves for things like secret santas/sisters and I use that to figure out what to send.  It's not much.  It might be half a yard of a fabric or two, perhaps a pattern, perhaps candy or even this Boo hanging.  I don't tell them, it just arrives.  The card says "Smile....Somebody thought of you today - Elfkins". 

That's it for now.  About time to close up shop and head home.  First thing to do is practice FMQ for about 20 minutes.  I am using the scraps that I cut off from my other projects so nothing special.  It's to get me to get more used to moving the fabric around on my own without the machine helping me.  I forget to do that.  LOL.  I also can't seem to make designs yet but I've heard of people who print their designs and then put it on (like with freezer paper or something) and then stitch over it. 

Anybody have any suggestions?

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