Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have new followers!

After a long day at the office, it was nice to see that I've picked up a few new people.  Thanks for stopping by and following!

How do you like my new picture?  I love changing pictures on my blog.  It breaks up the monotony of seeing the same thing all the time.  I have always loved that picture.  :)

I've decided on which fabric to use with the Dresden Plates.  It is totally different fabric from the three choices that I had posted.  It's a tan background.  When I finish the block I'll post a picture..

Today's mail was pretty exciting.  I received my 12.5" square up tool.  Why does acrylic square always look so much larger than the same size in fabric?  LOL.  I guess this means I now need to put together some new blocks in order to test it out.

Another thing that I received in the mail today was my Quilts for Kids packet.  Talk about cute fabric!  I'll try and take a picture of it at work tomorrow and post it.  It's better lighting there.

Two more days and then I go see Harmony and get my Embroidery machine.  That should be a fun trip.  Must remember to bring a salad with me.

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