Friday, September 30, 2011

New Sites

First of all I'd like to thank Dianne for becoming a follower of this blog.  Thanks!  Hope you like it and leave comments on how to improve it or change it or just to say hi.

The second thing that I have discovered embroidery design sites.  Being of the frugal (read never have enough money) variety type person that I am, I did a search for some free download design sites for my Brother embroidery machine.  I was happy to come across some but today I will talk about just two.  They both offer free downloads which fit in my hoop (I can only use 4x4)  and I need PES designs.  Best thing is.....

They change their free download every 10 minutes.  You can check back often and get a lot of designs. 

The links are:

So far I am thinking I like a little better but then it has some flower designs which I am liking. 

More to come and perhaps a picture or two next week.  Have a great Friday everybody.

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