Friday, September 9, 2011

If I can do it......

I know you've heard this line before "If I can do it anybody can".  I actually believe this is true but when I responded back to a friend about the Baltimore Album BOM and how it looked difficult I thought about what I responded.  I thought I'd just take a minute out to post how I responded.


Besides the usual "If I can do it anybody can", I suggest it for the following reasons:

1.  It's free.  Let's admit it.  Free is good.

2.  These are 12.5" finished sized blocks but you work on 14" squares.

3.  They might look complicated but they really aren't.  You can do them at your own pace and in whichever method of applique you like.  We even have one person who is doing a wool Baltimore Album.

4.  They are all up on the site (which I'll post at the end of this). 

5. If you have EQ7, she gives both the EQ version to download as well as the normal pdf to download.

6.  TONS of support. 

Check out some of the months and where you can find the patterns at:

Forgot to put in the first link.








Due to weather conditions which took out her computer, September hasn't been posted yet.

Seriously, I love doing this one block at a time.  If you need help just let me know.  We have more people joining up each month and all the patterns are still available.


I will post this on the Baltimore Album page also but if you EVER wanted to do a Baltimore.  This is a good start.  *I* never thought I could but now I know I can.  Maybe not the small intricate ones yet but there is something of an accomplishment to say that *I* made a Baltimore Album quilt.  It might not be perfect (mine never are) but *I* made it.

Like in most quilting and life...don't always look at the big picture.  Break it down into digestible pieces.  A whole quilt looks too intimidating.  One block on the other hand isn't so intimidating.  An 8" block or smaller might have too small of pieces to work with but these are 12.5" finished squares.  That can make the difference.  In this one case, you don't have to put in elements that you don't like.  For instance, I think it looks too crowded with the inner borders so I am leaving them out.  You can pick your colors.  You can change your colors and can use scraps, etc.

Did I mention it was free?  Free is good.

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