Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yahoo Group

Ok.  Another thing I've been meaning to do lately but always forget is to mention one of the best quilting yahoo groups around.  That would be:CyberQuilters and their sister group CyberQuilters4-C-Bees.

These are great groups.  I've learned a lot by joining them and made lots of new friends.  You've heard me mention the Bucket List before and it is the CyberQuilters4-C-Bees that does that.  It's a good way to take the plunge into learning something new.  Both of them offer great support as well as you get to see a bunch of great quilting projects when completed. 

The group has quilters of all levels on it and if you can't find a pattern, don't understand directions, or are just curious about anything, you'll find an answer there.  I will warn you though.....lots of them have their own blogs and you might find yourself becoming a follower of theirs and find yourself on new journeys.  I'm glad that I joined and would encourage everybody else to check it out.

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