Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm so excited!!!!!!!

I might be getting an EMBROIDERY MACHINE!   A friend is selling hers and says I can make payments on it.  Of course now that I type this here I realize I should probably have gotten more information from her on what type is it and how old, etc.  Oh who cares!  I might be getting an Embroidery machine!

Yeah, it's exciting to me.  I've wanted one for quite a long time.  I know it is a Brother brand and I like Brothers (mine are great--grins).  She also said that it includes PED basic downloading equipment for embroidery designs.  Sure...whatever.  For $250 I figured it has to be somewhat of a good deal (nobody is suppose to burst my bubble until 24 hours have gone by).

I will be seeing this friend on the 23rd when Connie and I go have a sewing play date.  I was going to bring some Baltimore Album blocks to work on but now it might be changed to getting some lessons on how to run her....oops...my...macine.

Did I mention I might get an embroidery machine?



This link will give you an idea of what it is or a least what it was when it was new.  LOL.


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