Monday, September 26, 2011

My weekend

I had a great but tiring weekend.  Isn't that normal?  So what did I do?  i traveled about 250 miles, spent money, got good deals, saw great scenery, and came back home with fabric and a used embroidery machine.

As some of you may know (what?  some of you DON'T know?) I am buying a a brother embroidery machine from a friend.  This weekend I went for a play date at her house to pick it up and get a quick tutorial.  It was great fun and I'm glad that we got to meet again.  She has a great dog who loves to be petted (but only if you want to) and as you can see when you stop petting her you get the sad eye treatment.

Here is a picture of my new machine but also some great deals on some fabric.  It is normally around $11 a pack and but I got it on sale for $3.  I also came home from Harmony's place with some home made apple butter.  Twas a delicious weekend!

While I was at Harmony's she showed me how to run the machine.  I did a simple "B" with a heart frame and didn't do too badly I think.

I made this into a mug rug which I'll take a picture of later and post it.

After I got home it was time to try out the machine on my own.  I had...ummmmm...mixed results.  This little critter might look like a shrimp or something creepy, but it actually is the bunched up thread and fabric (yes, I had a hole in my fabric).

It was a learning lesson though.  I learned how to take off the face plate (a small feat in itself) to get to this creepy bunch of thread but I did get things put back together right and managed to come out with a nice green feather (will post a picture later) and then got REALLY brave.  I figured out how to transfer some of the patterns that I had downloaded from Artistic Threadworks ($7 a month for access to their database to download what you want OR you can pay brainer..$7 it is) to the sewing machine via the PED.  I decided to pick out a pink ribbon angel for my first attempt which got me familiar with changing threads also.

Overall I think I did pretty good.

Saturday  I went for a ride into the country and just relaxed before finding all that fabric.

Didn't have my camera with me so this was taking through the window of the car.  LOL.  I ended up spending some time up in the forest of dark trees. 

But reality struck.  After spending money on fabric, gas and food, I had to head home and do laundry.  THAT wasn't exciting but still overall I had a great weekend.  How about you?

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