Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Back home after having breakfast with mom and then a quick trip to the other local nursing home to give Tony aka Santa his stocking.  He laughed when he saw these little round circles in it.  They were really towels but you had to put water on them to reconstitute them.  He was like a kid with them..."Look....see how big they get".  LOL.

Mom was good.  She liked her stocking also.  I had put her wall hanging in it but now she says I need to do another one.  It was suppose to replace Mrs. Snow on the wall above her bed but she changed her mind.  She doesn't want Mrs. Snow taken down so she had me put it up above her pictures on the other wall.  BUT now that area is lopsided and I *have* to do another flower mini wall hanging to "even it up".  I think it's a conspiracy.  LOL.

She is also a die hard Chicago Cubs fan.  I found this little sock monkey which had the Chicago Cubs logo on it and had to put that in the stocking also.  It is now proudly taped up on her window so she can see it.

She has a new hat to wear to dinner today though.  It's got "bling" and she says she won't take it off today.  LOL.

I hope that I look as good as she does at the age of 92.  She was also happy to hear that she might get her "brace" off in three weeks. 

I hope everybody has a great day.  I am off to do some craft stuff.  Still have a block to do as a test quilter.  Hopefully it won't give me as many problems as the first one.  Too many projects too little time.

HUGS to all

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