Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Sewing - December 11, 2011

Today hasn't been too bad of a day.  I managed to finish up mom's birthday present - Mrs. Snow - and gave it to her.  She liked it and it's hanging in the place of honor - above her bed.  :)  I had remembered to get her a card from Tony also so she liked that.  We told her that he was in the hospital because of pneumonia.  She accepted that.

I did manage to take a picture of her.  My brother Kerm just grunted when I said he had to have one also.  I figure that at 92 we need to take as many pictures of special occasions like birthdays whenever we can.  

This is Mom and me.

This is Mom and Kerm.

If you look closely you'll see Mrs. Snow hanging up above her bed (or see part off her anyway).  You can't tell it so much but she still has her turtle brace on.  They have put it underneath her clothes so it is harder for her to try and take off.  LOL.  Hopefully she'll have it off in another month or so.

After I got home I looked for something to work on and ran across some of her crocheted dish clothes and pot holders.  I had forgotten she had done those.

Ignore the number 4 in the middle of it.  I found enough that I'm giving them way on my facebook quilting group.  At one time I had over 100 of these in my small apartment.  I have one set "set aside" but don't need all the others.  I have stuff from her so I can be generous with her other stuff.

I did get to see Tony in the ICU today.  He is doing better.  We had a conversation today.  They took out enough tubes that he can talk.  He'll still be in ICU for a bit. His kidneys are getting better but still not good.  That's ok.  I'll take all the improvements that I can.

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