Saturday, January 14, 2012

Asian Teapot January block finished

I feel like I accomplished something.  It's not much but I finished the January Block for the Asian Teapot wall hanging that Angie's Bits 'n Pieces has listed.

The colors are actually a little darker than this picture shows.  The lighting wasn't the greatest.  I think this will be a fun BOM to do.  I put it on a 10" block but will cut it down to 8" later on before we sew them all together.  I also used colored pencils to darken the bottom of the teapot a little bit to help it stand out a bit more as well as the inside of the teacup.  That made the bottom of the teapot smudged a little at the bottom which I think turned out nice.  I wouldn't have thought about it except my friend Shelley thought it needed something.  I don't think she liked the pre stitched picture of the teapot.  (grins).

There are now around three other ladies in my facebook groups that are doing this BOM.  Everything thinks it will be so cute when done.  Now if only I remember to keep it up.

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