Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

Four days into January and the new year already!!!!!!  WOW!  This year will go just as fast as last year did...if not faster.  I should have posted before now but with Tony passing away I have been distracted and busy trying to find walking space in my apartment again.

Even though I am writing this at 8:19 a.m. (shhh.  I'm suppose to be working) two things have happened already that made the day start out right.  One of them is the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge  has started and January is posted up.  It is a leaf design.  I actually think I can do this one.  Of course thinking is one thing....doing it is another.  I will endeavor to do it though.  Even if you don't recognize it has a leaf, it will still be practice.  For those of you who are following it and haven't noticed that January has been is a link.

The video that Frances Moore did for January is also located on YouTube which is nice.  I clicked on the link for YouTube that was in the blog/article and then was able to save it to my YouTube favorites.  Now I will have it whenever I need to refer back to it.

Another thing that brightened up my day was to read Sarah Lynn's "The Daily Dispatch".  Her journal is wonderful to read full of humor and lots of pictures.  Her website shows off her delightful work and if you want to see wonderful eye candy and perhaps get a chuckle or two you should go and navigate around it.

That's it for now.  About time for mail to be picked up and I need to get some stuff into it.  I will consider myself lucky if I manage to get done today:

1.  transfer notes from last year calendar to 2012 calendar
2.  keep a smile on my face
3.  make it through the 3 p.m. meet at Nursing Home/Rehab (still need to sign some papers about Tony)
4.  make it through going to see Kerm (other brother) after that to talk about "stuff"
5.  make it through going to see Jessica (niece in law) after that to talk about what is considered proper obit for Tony
6.  Work on gaming writing
7.  see if I can see the top of the sewing machine to remind me to keep working on getting to it.
8.  Work on a test block pattern which is giving me hassles.

Sounds like a lot?  Yeah, that's my life lately.  Soooooo, I will leave you with these words that a friend of mine posted on facebook.  It was entitled Three Simple Rules in Life.

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