Sunday, January 22, 2012

Attempt at Organization

Let's face it...I don't have enough room.  It's either that or I have too much stuff and, of course, THAT couldn't be the problem.  LOL.

In my quest to get a bit more organized (one lesson learned from going through Tony's stuff - don't let my stuff get like that), I decided to make myself some "boards" to put my fabric on.  While I don't have the space or anything like a quilt shop or decent size sewing room would have, at the very least it might allow me to see what I have in fabric more easily.  I went to the Dollar Tree Store (where I got my poster board for my portable design wall) and picked up more poster board.  This is the thicker kind of poster board.  I took the cardboard that was in one of my fat quarters and cut out the poster board to that size.

Then I cut out a couple of different sizes to see what might work with larger pieces of fabric.

These sizes seem to fit into one of my crates so I will make sure and start the tedious (and long) process of wrapping up the fabric.  Once it is all wrapped up then I will tackle the problem of where to put them, how to arrange them etc.

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