Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slowly getting back into things

My Niece in Law Jessica came over to my place over the weekend and we went through some more pictures while she was using my computer and internet connection.  That got me thinking how much I need to get back into things and what better time than when SHE is on my computer and not me!  Sort of self imposed exile from the computer and push me back into quiltland.

I finished up a block that I was working on for pattern testing although I had to bow out from it when Tony died.  I found some mistakes in the patterns and they were kind enough to send me corrected patterns and said don't worry about sending in the feedback due to circumstances but thought I'd appreciate a corrected copy.  I will be sending back feedback though just in case I found something that their new testers didn't find.  Of course I can't show it to you yet since it hasn't been published but...are you ready for wasn't applique!  Yes, I broke out of my comfort zone and did a pieced block.  Of course after doing it I had to sign up for more applique blocks to test to give myself a break.

I have also signed up for a snowman block exchange.  There are twelve of us in the exchange and all the blocks are to be the same.  The blocks are to be 9.5" so that should make a decent size finished project when done.  Here is what I found in EQ7.

I don't like the knot on the scarf though so that is coming out.  Of course you can read "don't like the knot" to also be read as "didn't look right when I tried to use it".  The dots for the mouth also are a major pain and my fat fingers didn't like them.  I am thinking perhaps of making french knots instead and use #8 perle which I have on hand for some of my embroidery.  Here is a picture of how it is coming along.  It is not a great picture since it was laying down on my keyboard when I took it but it will give you an approximate idea of what it will look like.  I totally love that blue background fabric.

The snowman (and I) needed the scarf this morning.  Wind chill in the negatives and tomorrow the HIGH is only to be around 9 degrees.  brrrrr indeed.

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