Friday, September 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 Wish List

Farm and Fleet, Penny's, Sears...they all have their wish books and toylands that are sprouting up over night these days to try and start the holiday buying.  Quilting is no different.  In the multitude of renewal notices for magazines and other membership type things, I've decided that I will start my own wish list.  This stemmed from getting the American Quilter's Society September/October 2012 catalog.  Oh my there were some nice things in there.  Let's see.  Some of the things that I caught my eye (in no particular order) are:

Road to Bethlehem Appliques.  Already stencil cut and adhesive so all you do is iron them on.  How easy does that appear to be?!

For $12 a quilt engagement calendar.  This is a must.  I will have it sooner or later.

Puppy Love and Cat Snack kits.  Aren't they cute?

But those aren't the only thing.  Just fabric works for me as well (like I don't have a large enough stash already?)

Bali's are always popular and great to use in many things.

Books are great also.  Anything with applique is good.  Some titles that seem to stay on my list because I haven't bought them yet are:

Applique in Reverse by Teri Henderson Tope
Baltimore Garden Quilt by Barbara Burnham
Flowers, Hearts & Garlands Quilt by Liz Jones
Favorite Applique and Embroidery Quilts by Betty Alderman
Adventure and Applique by Suzanne Marshall

And....don't forget gift certificates.  I LOVE to buy things when I don't have to worry about what bill I'm not paying doing it.  Gift Certificates are one of THE best things I can get.  Doesn't matter if it is JoAnne's, WalMart (which I dearly love), Barnes and Nobles or to Hobby Lobby.  

I had better stop here because I am at work and probably should do some.  LOL.  Hmmm.  I wonder how long my list will grow by the time Christmas comes around?  The good thing about the list is that it is perpetual. 

HUGS to all.

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