Thursday, September 13, 2012

Found the pictures

I guess time does fly since the last International Quilt Show that I attended was in April 2005.  Wow.  Hadn't thought it was that long.  Here are pictures from that show.  Nobody objected to me taking them and when asked, I did mention I would be sharing them.  If, however, somebody recognizes a quilt and it shouldn't be posted just let me know and I will take it down.

Actually I will be posting these over two or three blog posts since some of you receive the blog via email and it would clog up your box.  It IS interesting to see these pictures after I've started quilting myself.  When I went to the show I hadn't gotten into quilting quite as much.  Had only finished one project and it was a simple one.  I'm sure I went through the exhibits with wide eyes and open mouth from the awe inspired talent of so many people.  That being said...let the pictures begin. 

So get your walking shoes on and let's see some quits.

When I went to the show, I didn't take notes on the quilts and now I wish I did.  In 2013 it will be interesting to see if I remember then.  The next pictures intrigued me because it was so unusual.  Not what I expected to see.  But then I didn't know things like thread painting etc. esisted.  These birds have different stitches in them as well as some braids and ribbons.  Very innovative use.

It was fun going back to see these pictures because now I know how to o some of the Baltimore (or Baltimore style) blocks.  Gulp...does that mean I am learning something?

I'll stop there and post some more tomorrow.  That should give you some time to clear out those mailboxes.  :)

Hope you enjoyed looking at them.

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