Monday, September 10, 2012

Success..failure...aluminum confetti

Hi everybody.... Have a good weekend?  Mine was both too short and too long...all at the same time.  If I had more energy I would have made more progress on stuff.  I guess I shouldn't complain and I really am not because it was a predominantly stress free weekend and we all need those don't we.

So you saw my Grapes of Wrath block.  I picked up embroidery floss in various shades of purple over the weekend to use on the dots.  Why is it that I seem to have a ton of embroidery floss but never the right shades for my projects?  LOL. 

I have started stitching down the green stems.  In order to work on it, it traveled with me to work  I will work on it, when I can, during my lunch hours.  Perhaps if I work on it, I won't spend as much money on lunches?  It's a theory anyway.

Have you heard of using aluminum foil to sharper your rotary cutters?  I finally tried it this weekend and yes, I have to say I think it works.  I've been told that you can also use this method on scissors.  Haven't tried that yet.

Be warned!  You will end up with aluminum confetti!  It was quick and easy and definitely cheaper for me to do this.  Will have to try it again.

On some non quilting news...I made bread in my bread machine twice this weekend.  Twice because the first time it didn't turn out.  Not sure where I went wrong but the bread was sunken in the middle and only raised up to about 2" in height.  Reminded me of the early days of baking when I tried to make a cake from scratch....disaster time.  I threw out that loaf (can't call it bread) and started over.  The second loaf came out like it was suppose to.  YAY!   I ordered a slicing guide for the bread.  I can't cut even slices...never could...never will...without a guide.  Thank you Ebay!

Went to see mom, of course, on Sunday.  Had a nice time with her.  She's still hanging in there.  She was born in 1919.  The stuff that she has seen and done is truly remarkable.

That's it for this little tidbit today.  I hope everybody has a great day.

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