Saturday, September 29, 2012

Harvest of Quilts 2012

The DeKalb County Quilters Guild had their quilt show this weekend.  I decided to go even when a friend of mine developed back problems and had to back out.  I told her that I'd take plenty of pictures so if your mailboxes get flooded it's Connie's and Harmony's fault since I also told Harmony I'd take pictures.  :)  I only took 160 so I thought I was being somewhat restrained.  LOL.  Before I go into my experiences at the show I wish to say that all the quilts were great.  I am not affiliated with the DCQG or any of the vendors nor am I taking credit for any of the quilts shown.  I am just an appreciative admirer but if anybody sees a picture that should not be shown for whatever reason, let me know and I will take it off.  That being said.....Let's go to the Quilt Show!

This Quilt Show, although smaller than a lot still had plenty to see.  One of the highlights for me was when one of the ladies showed me her Double Dragon...Talk about innovative!  She won First Place with it.  She also used the same pattern (which is her original design) for a star.  Oh, before I forget...I really liked how the guild had done little mini quilts/holders for the ribbons.  Isn't that cute also?

The two dragon heads are connected by a magnet.  Separate the two heads and it folds up.

Orange dragon head on one side and blue on the other!

The first quilt I saw after I paid admission fee ($5 for one day; $6 for both days)

I love this quilt and the turtle.  :)

That's it for this segment.  I don't want to flood everybody's mailbox.  If you can't wait for another posting, you can see my pictures at:

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