Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Quilt Show - Part 2

I just discovered that one of the ladies on my yahoo group (CyberQuilters) entered a quilt and it received first place.  It's a wonderful nautical themed one and she is going to be at the Show tomorrow and we've made arrangement to meet up with her.  How exciting is that?

Here is her entry.

Soooo, what did I buy at the show?  Not much but I am totally happy with what I *did* buy.  First I bought some patterns.  One of $.50 and one was $1.

I also bought a book(let) which only cost $3 and I am REALLY happy with it.

The last thing that I bought was a bag of scraps.  Each bag of scraps was $1.  They were stapled together so you couldn't find out what was in it but they would tell you the color group or, like in the one I got, just a "surprise".  I *was* surprised.  I was expecting smaller scraps in there but look what I pulled out!  Small scraps would have been alright with me too since I do applique but this was a bonus!

That's it for part 2.

Have a great day.


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