Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I met one of my Cyber Quilters Yahoo Group Members

It turned out that one of the people in my Yahoo Group "CyberQuilters" had a quilt in the show.  Look at my last post to see it.  She won first place and was going to the show so I was able to meet up with her.  Here's a picture of  Louise with her quilt in the background.  She did it all herself on her Janome.  Well done Louise!

It was great fun to meet up with her.  I didn't realize she lived so close and I've also been to the quilt shop that is by where she lives.  Who knows, perhaps we will be able to meet up again one day.

See that big smile on her face?  It's well deserved.  The quilting on it is great and my pictures don't do it justice.

We walked around for a bit (still can't believe it was over an hour) and looked at the various quilts.  Thanks for helping educate me on some of them Louise.  I believed that I learned so much more seeing it with her.


Louise said...

It was a pleasure to meet you Bonni and fun to see the show together. I'm not sure I deserve all the nice comments, but thanks anyway :-) I'm sure there will be future opportunities for us to share some quilty moments!

Deb kelly said...

Love your quilt what a neat nautical theme.well done!!!!) V