Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Colors

I had to walk to another department this morning for work and snapped a couple of pictures along the way.  The red tree (red maple? - I really don't know my trees) is so bright and shiny that I had to use it for my picture on the blog.  Do you like it?

I was going to work last night on some projects but found, much to my dismay, that I had left most of them at work.  I did, however, find the pattern for a new scrappy quilt that I might do.  Yes, you read it right, *I* might do a scrappy quilt.  Probably because it's not TOOO scrappy.  :)

Here it is.

It is a pattern that I found on  It is for a mini quilt, which translates into wall hanging, but I think I might try and do it. Wish me luck.

Think you might link to try it?

Have a great day everybody.

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