Monday, October 29, 2012

What? I have to clean...Again?

That's what it seems like.  i swear it wasn't that long ago that I went through my fabrics and weeded them out and organized.  Yet I looked over at the corner of the fabric and....sighed.  Ok.  For those who know me that's not unusual.  But still....I have to clean that room again today.  I started out thinking that I could get the whole room straightened up.  Silly me.  I DID manage to get half of it straightened up though.  Just enough room so that I can work on something else.  LOL.

Here's what it is currently looking like....or at least half of it is.

This is the start of my mock up of Dan's castle quilt.  I know it isn't much.  I have to put the top row on as well as decorate the sides.  I am thinking of enlarging the castles or adding to it.  Still in the development stage.

The old sewing machine (Singer Confidence Quilter).  I still keep it set up on that side of the room.

It took forever to get the fabric put away.  :)  That's not all but 90% of it is all put away.  That's half of my sewing room.  Now to get to work on the other half.  Not this week.  I'll do it another week.  LOL.

What else did I do?  I've been working on little applique projects that needed to be appliqued by hand.  I had some set backs though.  The breast cancer mini was marked with blue chalk (fons and porter) but it would NOT disappear.  After multiple hand washings (I don't own a washer n dryer and won't go out to spend the money to wash EVERY project I've started), this is the closest that I have to getting the blue out.  It didn't brush out like the yellow chalk did.

It looks like it is pretty much out.  If seen up close you can still see a faint blue along the stitching line.  I can probably live with this.  now to do the binding some time.  Hey Kat....This was done with the Window method of applique!

I decided to use another method of marking my guide lines and on this this next project I used an orange washable marker.  So here you see what it looks like before I started the washing process.

Now, after just one washing (versus the four that I did for the blue chalk) this is what it turned out to be.

I might have to use the washable markers more often.  I will also point out that the yellow chalk pencil that I had used on some black fabric that I was making bias tape with worked out fine.  Is it just the blue that didn't work well?  I don't know.  It is fun to try and experiment with different methods so you have alternatives.  I think if I will use blue that I still like my Blue Water Soluble pens the best.  Markers might be second and eventually win out because of the variety of colors to choose from.  This one is also a mini and I will be putting binding on it another day.  I think that I will have three mini's for mom to choose from for her birthday on December 10th.  That way she will have a choice and she might like that.  I'll let you know what the other one is after I work on it some more.  :)

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