Sunday, January 20, 2013

Now what

This weekend has been a weekend of opposites.  First I lost my needle with the thread in it and then I found it the next day.  No, I didn't step on it ( on in it) but I did find that it had dropped into the bathroom sink.  The thread matched the inside of the sink and I didn't spot it when I first checked.

Then I took my needle and thread to mom to finish up a sewing project that she wanted me to do.  Well THAT didn't happen.  Instead she had a new project for me to do.  Can you figure out what this one will be?
I'll report on it next week to give you a chance to think about it.

One of the things that DID turn out right was me going to JoAnne's and matching the teal color of the Herd of Turtles.  I found it in Gutermann thread and it's called Peacock.  This picture makes it look more blue but it is a teal/peacock color.

Speaking of The Herd of Turtles, I finished stitching the top.  I still want to darken the top color.  On my test material I had dyed a couple of sections with coffee.  It pretty much came out though after I washed it.  That will be a problem.  I might use the stronger coffee that I had and then wash it.  If it washes out then it might keep just enough to color it how I want.  Any suggestions on how to keep the coffee color in there after I brush it on?  Perhaps I have to "over dye" it and wash it.  Any suggestions?

Here is how the top looks like.  I will need to restitch it in a couple of places but not too bad overall.

It's time for me to stop this and give my fingers a rest.  LOL.

Everybody have a great day.

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