Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

It's finally here, a new year.  Are you full of resolutions, hopes and dreams of the new year?  I have my usual which are:

lose weight
be happy
give more to others
get more projects done
get organized at home, etc.

You notice I didn't put a number of pounds on the lose weight part.  I'm not limiting, or stressing myself, over an exact poundage.

I also hope to keep up on some BOM's that I signed up for.  For my non quilting friends, BOM's stand for Blocks of the Month.  The theory is that you one block each month and then by the end of the year you have a finished project.  For lots of people it is easier it do one block a month rather than looking at a project and try to get it all done in a month etc.

I also hope to do some more pattern testing for The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I thoroughly enjoy doing that. It has helped me go beyond what I have normally done and is such a good learning experience.  I tested a new method of doing stained glass.  That project is split up into four installments in the magazine and the first installment is out.  Obviously I love the magazine.  For around $15 a month you get lots of patterns and support.  Here is the pattern that I tested.  It is "Stained Glass Workshop".

The Quilt Pattern Magazine also is doing a BOM but you would need to sign up for their newsletter.   You can do that by going to:


You'll also see a picture of the BOM.  It's a simple one but has lots of potential.  Some of the things that I might do afterwards is to add embellishments (buttons, beads, etc.) to it.  That's a long way down the road though.

Time to get back to cleaning.  Everybody have a great day and Happy New Year.

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