Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Or at least Happy New Year's Eve.

My apartment is still a mess (isn't it always?) but I do have half the sewing area cleaned up.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll take a picture of it.  What do you plan on doing on New Years Day?  I don't have anything specific in mind except to set up a schedule for at least January so I can be more organized.  Or attempt to be more organized.

I do have one project that NEEDS to be done by the end of January.  The Herd of Turtles.  Perhaps tomorrow I will try to use some tea or coffee to test the material.  I have gotten a few new things over the holidays.  One is this little pair of snips.

They are fiskars ( yeah, the tell tale orange) and fit nicely into my hand.  Another things that I signed up for was a group which want to do 2013 Random Acts of Kindness.  My first one is to give this mini hanging to a friend of my Niece in Law Jessica.  Her friend is undergoing breast cancer treatment.

We'll see how far the groups gets to.  I think it will be possible to reach the goal.  Especially when they count each preemie quilt as one, etc.  I'll keep you informed.  In the meantime time to get back to cleaning.

Everybody have a safe holiday.

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