Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I hope everybody has a safe and merry holiday.

I finished most of my projects on time.  I still have the turtle to do but will roll that over into a Christmas/Happy Birthday present.  So I guess that is going to the top of my list of what to work on.  That is for another day though.  Today is time to rest up a bit.

I had a delightful Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Christmas Eve I spent partly with mom and partly with my nephew Jason and his family.  Then today I took breakfast to mom and spent a couple of hours with her. All in all a good way to start the holiday.

If you'd like to see pictures of it all, including Jason's family going to see Santa, etc. then go to:


They are a great bunch of kids and mom totally enjoyed the wall hangings that I made her.  The snowman one was hers but the flower one was given to another lady there.  Mom wanted to give her something since she always looked at mom's mini's all the time.  Mom said today that when she gave the woman the mini wall hanging she started to cry and say that she never got anything from anybody.

Jason and Jessica's family is very talented also.  They don't quilt (yet) but they do other things.  The kids got a kitchen toy (my word for it) that let them make cake pops (instead of lollipops, you use cake batter, etc.) so that is what Santa got on Christmas Eve.

The plate has the five cake pops (one for each child) and two chocolate bacon (tastes much better than it sounds) cookies to represent the parents on the plate all ready for Santa.

I was so honored also to get artwork from one of the girls.  :)

I think that she might turn out to be somewhat of an artist like her dad.  Jason got a calligraphy kit and some art supplies for Christmas so he did a family tree for his in-laws Christmas present.

What is nice to see is that they gave the kids some of the craft stuff also.  If it wasn't for cooking, they got some things for either Scrapbooking, drawing, or painting.  I liked those present much better than the toys that Liam got which looked like cockroaches running around.  At least the black one did.  The pink one was kinda cute.  It runs on a small battery so you just let them run around and try to catch them.  He got some ramps for them to run around on etc. but for some perverse reason he liked to let them run around on the kitchen linoleum floor.  :)  All in good fun though.

So with much amusement and silliness, I wish everybody as much fun as I had with my family gatherings this year.  

Happy Holidays.

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