Thursday, December 6, 2012

December? Already?

I looked at the calendar this morning and gasped.  It was the 6th of December already and I'm not nearly as ready I want to be.  Mom's 93rd birthday is in four days and guess what I CAN'T find?  Yep.  Those little wall hangings I was doing for her.

Luckily in my panic to find them this morning I managed to find some fabric that I had forgotten I had.  When that pile of fabric tilted over there were the mini wall hangings.  Perhaps the fabric conspired with the mini's.  That's my story and I'll stick to it.  :)

I will be taking three mini's to her on Sunday and letting her pick out which one she would like to have for her birthday present.  I'll post which one she chooses. 

I've been at work for an hour now.  I woke up early and just couldn't sleep.  At least I'll get something accomplished.  When I got to work, no I didn't start work THAT early, I went through some of my quilting magazines there and decided I could get rid of some more.  That will help clear up office clutter too.  One of my shelves holds half work stuff and half quilting stuff.  Right now I'm working on different mug rugs.

The two flower in the lower left hand corner have free motion quilting done on them and all I need to do is sew on the binding.  The others have been fused on but I need to stitch them.  I'm thinking that the two red poinsettia's  might end up as pot holders but I haven't made up my mind yet.

What do you think?


FleurBleue said...

Wow! 93 years old.

Joyeux anniversaire from France.

F x

Sue Cottle said...

Wow! She just keeps going, doesn't she?!

Lol - doesn't make it easy when our craft supplies conspire, does it?!!!

Pretty hard to say much from your photos - but I love the two little ones! If the poinsettia's are the same size as the mugrugs, wouldn't they be too small as potholders?

All looking good tho!

Bonni said...

Thanks for your well wishes on mom's birthday. No doubt I will take a picture of her on Sunday which is when I will see her and then I will post it. :)

As for the poinsettias, They are a larger size. They are around 7.5" It they won't work as a pot holder they can always be used as a hot pad under a hot dish etc. :)