Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas is coming.....

Yeah, I know, it's not news.  The calendar has been telling us this day is coming for over a year.  The retail shops have been telling us...well we won't talk about them.

I have been busy doing the wrist pads and started on a couple of neck socks.  A picture of them will be posted tomorrow.  Mom reminded me that I have to finish up a mini for one of the people in her nursing home.  I managed to figure out what the design would be (it's in EQ7) and have it fused onto one of the napkins from the Nursing Home.  Now I need to hand stitch it down and quilt it.  She wants a pale pink for the binding so that won't be too bad.

Here is the design.

I also received a Christmas present this week.  My friend Shelley Gardner, who does great Long Arm work, sent me an engagement calendar for 2013.  Here it is.

I'll probably take periodic pictures of the quilts shown in it.  Isn't it great?  This was on my wish list for Christmas so I am glad that she took the not so subtle hint.  :)  She did say it was part one of my Christmas present so now I am wondering what else she has up her sleeve.  I will share it with you when I find out.

May you all be safe this holiday season.

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