Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 days and counting!

Whew!  I managed to get all the presents for my co-workers done and passed out.  I also sold a couple more of the wrist rests for the computer.  Overall not too bad.

Here is the picture of the little basket of wrist pads.  The longer one is for the neck but they were using it for a pad to put in front of the keyboard also.  LOL.  Didn't think of that.

You see that little Christmas tree?  It's approximately 35 years old.  I  inherited upon the death of my mothers best friend (she was like a second mother to me) a number of years ago.  The tree is all beaded and has individually wrapped presents and a little train, etc. under the doom.  I bring it out every year and keep it in my office so it doesn't get broken.  :)

Now that I have finished those, it's time to work on the next Christmas Present.  That is my penguin wall hanging for my friend Dan.  He will be visiting his Fiance on New Years Eve so will mail it to her.  She is the one that I am doing the Herd of Turtles for but I won't have it done in time.  After Christmas I'll have try and get it done for her birthday in January.  Her Christmas present (for what it's worth) will be some Chocolate Silk Coffee.  She LOVES chocolate and is also a coffee drinker.  I need to try and get it in the mail by the weekend.

The rain is starting to turn to snow now so that will help get me going (I think) on working on things.

Until next time....

Happy Stitching, Happy Holidays, and stay safe.

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FleurBleue said...

The Christmas tree is just beautiful, x