Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Color

Hi Everybody!  Ready for some color?  Remember earlier when I said that Leah Day's FMQ stitch inspired me to do something?  Here it is.  Not much mind you but colorful.  LOL.

I put in my fabric and did some FMQ on it.  It was inspired by the hairball FMQ stitch but I didn't totally do it.  Instead I did what I felt like.  LOL.  it can't be wrong then can it?  I decided that my desk needed a new mug rug.  This ones measures around 7.5" x 6.5".  I did the circles overlapping a little bit so that small "e" were made.  After doing that I decided to add color.  I couldn't find my colored pencils to play with but I DID find my Sharpies so here is my colored mug rug.  Not fancy but functional but it will brighten up my desk.  The black marks are my little loops that I did.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I should have called this posting "a little loopy".  :)

This started out as a white on white dotted fabric.   That comes through as texture on the coloring I think.  It makes me smile and grin when I see it for it also reminds me how much fun it was to color it.  On a rainy day this will brighten me up.

How has your day been?


FleurBleue said...

Bonni, it's brilliant!

It'll brighten up even the rainiest day.

Fiona x

Bonni said...

Thanks. I might do more after the holidays. It's nice to have a variety of mug rugs for the office. I get bored looking at the same one every day. ;)