Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

I'm not sure how much crafting I'll get in today but I do want to wish everybody a Happy Mother's Day and, of course, post new pictures of mom.  Since she is 93, I try to get up to date pictures as often as I can.

I took pictures in mom's room this morning.  It was just my brother Kerm, mom, and I.  That's all that's left of our family now.  Of course she would say it is sad but you always save the best til last.  Must be why she is still around.  So, without further is mom and my family.

These first two pictures aren't very good (never claimed to be a photographer) but it will give you an idea of what I gave her for Mother's Day as well as what she does with everything.  LOL.  If you look on the window sills, both top and bottom, you'll see little flower pots.  These flower pots have a flower and one or two bugs on them.  In the ones which have two bugs (butterflies, ladybugs, and bumble bees) the bugs move up and down when the sun strikes them.  They run on solar power.  The single bug ones run the same.  She looks at them quite often and smiles thinking that the leaves are waving to her all the time.  Plus the staff always make sure to comment on it so that too makes her happy.  She was so happy that I managed to find four more of them for her upper window sills that we had to open up the packages right away and put them in the window.  Even the biscuits and gravy had to take a back seat to them.

Kerm gave mom some money which made her very happy and a little small balloon which she is holding in this picture.

Mom also insisted that I take a picture of Kerm and I, separately, so she could have it.  Kerm and I both hate pictures taken of us but it IS Mother's Day and we caved in.  Behind Kerm you see the bulletin board of mom's roommate.  She was out in the hall waiting for her family to show up.  I thought I'd better clear that up since Kerm IS getting older you know (grins).

Kerm got even with me though because soon it was his turn to take a picture of me.  Of course he didn't wait for me to untie my hair so all of it is in back and I totally hate seeing my hair like this.  What's a sister to do.

Last week mom also bought a large ummmm....stuffed duck?  Chicken?  Toy?  So I had to take a picture of her with it.  She loves to touch it since it feels very soft.

She then insisted that I took a picture of Kerm holding the chicken...or was I the one who insisted.  Personally I think it is a MUCH better picture of Kerm (giggles).

Another thing that I brought mom was her beloved McDonald's Hot Picante Sauce.  Here she is putting them away.  The cup that you see is the SECOND cup full of them and she also has two quart size baggies of them stashed away.  She didn't think she had any more in her stash but I found them today.  She lit up brighter than a Christmas Tree so she says she will celebrate today and have THREE at all meals.  That is what she prefers to have with her meals.  She sometimes wonders why I tell her I think she has burned out her taste buds.

I hope everybody has a good day and if you are a Mother, may it be even more special.

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