Saturday, May 25, 2013


I have almost finished the t-shirt wall hanging.  I have to do the label but couldn't finish it today since AI forgot to prewash the black fabric.  Don't trust dark colors enough to use them in larger pieces unless I prewash it first.  I wraped the back to the front for the binding.  The second picture shows the back a little better.  See what I mean by cutting off letters?  Oh well, I know she'll like it anyway and she did give me the t-shirts to use.

the back and binding.  It's more red than what this picture shows.

I went to JoAnne's also this morning.  There were three colors in one of the wool kits that I needed to match up floss with.  Finally managed it this morning.  I think I'll like this color match.  Wouldn't you know it...I found other things while I was there.  LOL.  I will show you what I am going to use the blue swirls and the white on white bubble fabric for soon.  I'm thinking some mug rugs.  The other white on white I think I will be using for the Inspired by Tradition blocks.  Then, I found the cute little cutter which I had to have.  So special reason but it's a gadget.  Then my wondering eyes located on the Dresden template.  Oops.  How did that get into my cart.  Oh well.  Might as well take it now...right?

Well this break is over with.  Time to plan on the next while the black fabric for the label is drying.

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