Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nice Day for a walk

I decided to start to walk a little farther today and managed to get partly to the lagoon.  I think I found the missing geese/ducks that my friend Heather from Canada says she is missing.  Forgive the quality of the pictures.  I was trying out something new and it doesn't take as nice as pictures as my camera so will go back to that.  So here is today's view on my walk.

They were hungry and didn't move much as I walked past them.

Another set of them.  There was a lot out today.  perhaps it was a field trip.  :)

Was it something I said or are you just camera shy.

This little guy wasn't shy.  He hurried right up to me and almost ran me over!

It's a lovely day for a swim....if you're a duck!

In the middle of the lagoon.  I love to watch the water fountains.

The next generation getting lessons on how to get food.

I will have to take pictures tomorrow of Jonique getting her wall hanging.  I also have to post some little mug rugs that I am working on and finished over the weekend.  That will be tomorrow so stop back.

Now it's time to figure out what *I'm* going to have for dinner.   Hmmm.  No not duck or goose.  Chicken maybe?


Anonymous said...

Oh!!! They had their babies there!!! They'll never come home now!!!! :) Lovely pics Bonni!!

esther said...

What great photos